Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Meghan is a Lady Buc!

Meghan's summer ended in late July with Brazoswood volleyball tryouts!  We were excited to find out that she made the freshman team.  The season began almost immediately with two scrimmages and two preseason games all before classes began!

Meghan ready for her first scrimmage!

The Booster Club kicked off the season with the annual volleyball banquet!

Sydney, Meghan & Cora
 Meghan was chosen as captain for the first game!

1st high school serve!
Meghan fell in the middle of her first game and hurt her wrist.  She was able to finish the game, but was in a lot of pain the following day.  Scott took her to the orthopedic for an x-ray.  Thank the Lord it was just a bad sprain and she was able to return to play with a brace after a couple of days of rest.

Pics of her very first home game as a Lady Buc!

Grandma & Grandpa cheering her on!
We had a long break and missed several games and a tournament thanks to Hurricane Harvey. 

Meghan played Pearland Dawson last weekend.  Brazoswood did not fare well in the competition, but we had fun watching both Meghan and Lauren play!

Taylor, Mazzy, Brenda & Meghan at Dawson

Meghan goes for a dig

Meghan & Lauren

Grandma & Grandpa with their volleyball players!

2017 Freshman Team

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

Scott and I have lived in Lake Jackson for a little over 10 years now.  In that time, we have evacuated for two hurricanes.  The first was Ike in 2008 and the second was earlier this month for Harvey.  The first hurricane was awful wind damage and a lengthy (2 weeks) power outage.  The second hurricane was torrential rains and flooding.  Very different storms with a very different set of worries!

Harvey was forecasted to hit southwest of us in the Corpus Christi/Rockport area.  We knew we were on the "dirty" side of the storm which means a soaking by the outer rain-bands.  We watched the waters begin to rise in the bayous around us and Scott stayed in close contact with his friends at the city.  We made the decision to prep our house and leave on the evening of August 31st.  At this point in the evacuation, we were trying to save memories -- pictures, hope chests, scrapbooks, dvd's etc.  We packed what we would need for school and work for a week and left for Scott's parent's home which thankfully was located out of an evacuation zone.  We took both of our cars and Scott's ATV.  This turned out to be a smart move.  By Friday morning, September 1st, the waters had risen in our neighborhood enough to make the roads impassable.  Many of our neighbors were not so fortunate and were stranded without their vehicles.

083117 - Dry before the storm!

Flood Inundation Map

Living room ready with the exception of Molly :)

Dining Room


Scott, Kate & Meghan clearing the patio after the rain began.
 Pics of the water on Day 1 - 09/01/17:

As the water continued to rise, we grew increasingly worried about the furniture we had left on the ground.  Scott boated back in with several of our friends and they were able to raise our furniture up onto paint cans.

On Day 2 - 09/02/17, we were curious as to what the neighborhood looked like and how much closer the water had gotten to our home.  We boated in around 8:00 am.  It was surreal riding a boat to your home.  We are smiling in the picture, but I was in full blown panic mode by the time we got out of there.

Water to the front porch.

Pool overflowing due to the city drainage system being turned off for our neighborhood.

Scott went back and forth to the house several times to save more items and check on the flooding.  By Day 3 & 4 - 09/03-04/17, we had water in our garages and no room left to keep it out of the house.

Scott wading through the water.
Scott got a ride out of the neighborhood in a rescue vehicle!

Scott's ride out


Fire Hydrant

Aerial photo of the Brazos River flowing through Brazoria County to the Gulf.

The National Guard sent in troops to help build a sandbag berm to try to keep the water out of the homes in our area.

Here are some aerial photos of our neighborhood.

After much discussion and pressure, the city was able to allocate pumps to our neighborhood to clear out the water.  This combined with the cresting of the area rivers allowed the water to begin to recede.  Praise the Lord!!  We survived the event with minor flooding in our garages only.  We were able to get in and begin the clean-up process quickly and avoided damage.  Many in our area were not as lucky.  Scott spent an entire week helping neighbors tear out their sheetrock, flooring, bathrooms and cabinetry.  It is truly a mess and every bit as awful as it looks on television.

We were very fortunate to have Larry and Donna that welcomed us, our 3 rooms of belongings, and our dog with open arms for a full week.  Molly decided that she likes to stay at Grandpa and Grandma's :)

Please keep Brazoria County in your thoughts and prayers as many of our friends recover from this horrible flood event.  We feel very blessed and thankful to be safe and back in our home.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

August Miscellaneous

A few random pics to wrap up August!

Sydney & Meghan tackling steaks after Volleyball Tryouts

Kate ready for back-to-school shopping!

Kate's new glasses!

Meghan ready for her first scrimmage on Dynamo Dash!

Does anyone else's dog sit in weird places?!  LOL!